Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh, to be a hermit on a tropical island...

This morning dawned grey and stormy. I underdressed and got soaked, necessitating a quick-change. My umbrella broke. The bus on the way to school was an overcrowded caterpillar of airborne disease. People snorted very close to my ears. It was..... urk.

As final essay due dates loom, I'm beginning to get battier and battier. Hence the lack of posts and the fervent wish to be somewhere else in some other life. A life that is quiet. Maybe as a hermit in a cave in the forest. It would be a homey cave. I would stoke the fire (of course, there would be a chimney for proper ventilation), make a cup of tea and sit back with a book. But no, I'm too much of a sun-worshipper to stay cooped up in a cave in the woods. Perhaps a sweet but sturdy treehouse I built with my own hands, perched in the crook of a huge banyen tree on a tropical isle far, far away. Yes, this suits me much better. I would learn to scale the coconut trees to procure young fruit to crack open with my machete (I'm a practical girl, of course I'd remember to pack my machete). Ah, solitude. No obnoxious transit-riders, no intrusive ring-tones, no loud-talkers, nor slow-walkers. Heaven. Sure, the blood-sucking jungle leeches would cramp my style, but compared to the scourge of a crowded busride at rush hour... I'll take the leeches.

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