Friday, May 29, 2009

If I could do it all over again...

My friend Lisa over at Solo Lisa tagged all her readers to come up with their fantasy prom get-up. Though I actually never had a prom (just a graduation promenade where we walked around the school gym for an hour while excited parents took pictures) I do sometimes think about what I would have done differently. For one, I would have gotten my hair and makeup done by a professional. I did it myself and it looked a little clownish, to be honest. Pulled-tight hair, too-red lipstick, overly-lined eyes... typical gaffes for a young girl just discovering makeup and with no idea what to do with her hair. My dress, I liked. It was a red traditional Chinese choengsam done in lace with high slits to show off my legs. It was very flattering and lovely. My shoes on the other hand... just... fug.

So, being the creature of imagination that I am, I jumped to do this tag. In fact, I had so much fun, I did it twice. Behold: Striking Arty Prom (gotta love my crappy title...)
fantasy prom

fantasy prom by serenakay on

And Luxe Hippie Prom in honour of my hippie-ish ways in high school. Seriously. I wore sarongs everyday in Grade 8. Of course, this Missoni dress is much prettier than that dastardly piece of batik I wore so faithfully.
luxe hippie prom
luxe hippie prom by serenakay featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

Diane's Obsessed Too!

First of all, sorry, sorry, sorry for abandoning my blog for so long!!! Can't promise I'll be back for good, but I'll do my best to update more often.

Okay, bad-blogger grovelling over!

I saw this pic of Diane Kruger on WWWD yesterday and instantly zeroed in on it. Did I ever mention that I saw her a few weeks ago? It was so bizarre! Her boyfriend Joshua Jackson is from Vancouver originally so I guess they were visiting? I was just walking down my street, mindin' my own business and I notice this couple walking along. She looked pretty stylish so I noticed her and then as I get closer, it's Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson! I'm not really a fan of either of them but it was just so strange to see people in real life that I'm used to seeing on a printed page... Anyways, I've totally derailed myself... Right! This outfit:

I clicked onto Lucky's website this morning and realized that Kruger's outfit was the exact replica of an outfit shown in the magazine in April! I just love that the look is affordable, too. Still not affordable for me but that's another story...

Top - Splendid, Skirt - Charlotte Ronson

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