Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Addicted to Polyvore

Oh dear.

My eyes hurt.

But I just completed my first polyvore and it's so purdy!

Okay, time to rest my eyes and get some caffeine. I hope you like it. It all started out with the perfume I'm obsessed with and progressed from there. Polyvore asks you to describe the occasion during which you would wear your outfit. I wrote "to exact my revenge." Because I'm creepy like that.

Lady Vengeance by serenakay


As a humungous book nerd, I have come across so many words that I'd like to use in speech but I have no idea how to pronounce them. This is embarassing, but I'll relay this little gaffe from grade 7. Reading aloud in Social Studies class about the Battle of Whatsitcalled, I come to the word chaos. "In the chaos of the battle..." Well, I pronounced it CHAH-oes. No one was the wiser except the teacher, who laughed at me. Damn you Mrs. Sookro! Damn you to hell! How was I supposed to know how it was pronounced? No one uses chaos or epitome or unguent in everyday speech!

Anyways, I just stumbled upon Forvo. It's a site that claims to have all the words in the world, pronounced and recorded by native speakers of whatever language you may choose. Seriously, I pretty much jizzed in my pants. Don't worry, I've calmed down a little, enough to write this post anyways.

Fellow word-nerds, enjoy!