Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009


... I got these boots!

no no no no no!

I wake up this morning, ready to spring out of bed and face the world. I look out the window and gasp, choke. Snow! *Insert primal scream here* Gah! I knew all that sunshine was too good to be true. In rainy Vancouver, it was sunny for 8 days in a row. I revelled in it, I sang, I laughed. Well, maybe I laughed too heartily and the wrath of the snow gods has come down upon my head. Haha, man I am over winter. Look how dramatic it makes me!

But of course, this blog is not about the weather. The upside of this chilly development is that I can go back to my winter wardrobe of cozy sweaters and knits and play a little longer. Since my camera was left behind at my man's parents' house last weekend, there will be no outfit pictures until next week, but I do have an inspiration photo to illustrate how I hope to dress when I go about my merry way this snowy Thursday.

I love the roomy coat (from Isabel Marant) over simple skinnies and smart wedge boots. It's a very simple look but the proportions are great and she looks stylish but still warm. I'll try my very best not to whine about the snow anymore. Instead I'll adopt a similar attitude to this girl, "Ouais, it's cold. But I look fabulous. What of it?"


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

In which Serena ponders falling pianos, tackiness, and the unknowability of the infinite answer of being. Okay, the first two, not that last one.

I'm up to my old tricks again, this time procrastinating working on my resume. You see, I figure if I don't send any resumes out then I don't risk rejection. Simple as that! Oh dear. But really, it's a combination of fear of failure and plain laziness.

Today, all I wanted to do was wander the city and take pictures and maybe indulge in a little vintage shopping, floating from store to store and just enjoying the sunshine. It's been so beautiful lately. You know when life is so great that you fear a piano will fall on your head... you know, to kind of even things out? That's what the weather has been like. And I wanted to be out there, frolicking and wandering without a care in the world. But I have many cares these days...


Enough about sadbad things! Fashion! Today I played with patterns, mixing a crazy bright floral with ladylike houndstooth to a pleasing effect, if I do say so myself. I topped it all off with my saffron yellow toque (not in the pictures). A mid-life crisis white dude driving an SUV with the windows down blaring the oh-so-gangster rap tunes turned all the way around in his seat to watch me as he drove by. I shudder to think that his taste and my taste somehow overlap, that he actually liked my outfit. Rather, I will ignore this aberration and contend that I looked good. This is a fashion dilemma I've never encountered before. Does it hurt my style cred that a conspicuously tacky fellow checked me out? This needs pondering.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

finalement, la mode

I finally found a good place to take outfit pictures. I'd been doing them in the hallway by the bathroom door - decidedly less than picturesque. Of course, now that I've discovered said wonderful picture-taking spot, there are dudes working directly outside my window and I feel very odd running back and forth from the spot to my camera, setting the timer and then scurrying back to pose. Ah, well.

This is what I wore on Friday the 13th to get supplies for Valentine's dinner. Actually, I just ended up buying booze (ingredients for kir royale - yum!) and didn't end up following through on the elaborate dinner I was going to make. Instead, we drank kir royale and had a simple creamy pasta.

Abrupt change of subject: I like that I've finally found a place to take outfit photos but I feel like this blog might actually take a turn in a different direction. I'm only working part time at a cafe right now and I really need to find a job but with this recession looming over all our heads, the job market is looking icy and forbidding. I might start documenting my job search (hopefully in a funny/sarcastic way rather than a sad/depressing way). Would that be too boring? Should I do this on a separate blog, or would you like to hear my plaintive cries of, "But I have a degree... why aren't I employed?"?

Let me know what you think!

Friday, February 13, 2009

possible re-emergence of life in the basement

I live in Vancouver. Vancouver is beautiful. High quality of life. Very photogenic. I am also poor. Therefore, I live in a basement suite.

Today, I re-emerge from my little musty den of an apartment. No, not literally. Unfortunately, I am not moving to a cozy cottage for two. No, my mind has been hibernating for the last few months in my little nest full of socks and twigs and feathers in this beautiful, dreary city. I have no excuses. I'm being a bad blogger. But now the sun is out, birds are singing, I'm wearing a tiny dress and all is well. Well, not really. I'm not yet gainfully employed, my writing has dried up and I have no hobbies, but none of that seems to matter when the sun is out. C'est a dire, I'm going out to play in the sun and buy ingredients for Valentine's Day dinner tomorrow.

But I promise I'll be back soon. I even took some outfit pictures. Aren't you proud?