Friday, February 13, 2009

possible re-emergence of life in the basement

I live in Vancouver. Vancouver is beautiful. High quality of life. Very photogenic. I am also poor. Therefore, I live in a basement suite.

Today, I re-emerge from my little musty den of an apartment. No, not literally. Unfortunately, I am not moving to a cozy cottage for two. No, my mind has been hibernating for the last few months in my little nest full of socks and twigs and feathers in this beautiful, dreary city. I have no excuses. I'm being a bad blogger. But now the sun is out, birds are singing, I'm wearing a tiny dress and all is well. Well, not really. I'm not yet gainfully employed, my writing has dried up and I have no hobbies, but none of that seems to matter when the sun is out. C'est a dire, I'm going out to play in the sun and buy ingredients for Valentine's Day dinner tomorrow.

But I promise I'll be back soon. I even took some outfit pictures. Aren't you proud?

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