Friday, October 17, 2008

The Jacket of Destiny

This is just eerie. Yesterday at the consignment store I work at, I grabbed a bunch of clothing that was recently consigned and ready to go out onto the floor. I put everything in its rightful place until I was left with one garment. I looked down at the soft, buttery black velvet jacket and saw that it literally had my name on it. The brand was Serena Kay (Kay is my middle name) and the label said 'made in Paris'. I'm a total francophile so this added to the perfection. The real test would come when I tried it on.

Choirs of angels sang! A light shone down on me! It fit perfectly!

I had to possess the jacket. Of course, knowing my luck, it was $189 even secondhand but my boss is wonderful and saw the magnificent coincidence (or fashion fate?) and gave me a discount on top of my staff discount. I still had to put it on layaway but soon, it will be mine. And when it is mine, I shall photograph it and post the picture for all to see!

I also did a little research on Serena Kay and it turns out it's a new-ish brand that has one location in Paris. Their online lookbook reveals that, while my Jacket of Destiny is well-made and beautiful, I would not take a second look at anything else they have to offer! It could be the styling or the model, but it all seems a bit... bimbo-tastic? This may just be the wannabe French snob in me, but it doesn't have that easy Gallic elegance that makes me love the French aesthetic. Ah well. I'll still check them out the next time I go to Paris.