Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hitchcock Heriones

I was watching the old movie channel last night (I think it's TCM... not too sure what that stands for) and there was this little interlude in which Alfred Hitchcock gave a little lecture on birds. Obviously, this was a sort of preview for his movie 'The Birds'. It was pretty cute, actually. He talked about how humans and birds have been living harmoniously for thousands of years. He presents a plumed hat from the 17th century and says, "How proud the birds must have been, to have their feathers plucked for our hats." Then he sits down at his desk to eat a whole roast chicken but decides against it, as it would be rude to eat while lecturing. The whole thing was very tongue-in-cheek and (yes, there is actually a fashion connection here) reminded me of the very stylized look of his heriones and how this look is everywhere on the fall runways. Okay, it's sick to think about fall in this heat, but these are just too cute not to post.

Images from Von Furstenberg Fall 2008