Thursday, February 26, 2009

no no no no no!

I wake up this morning, ready to spring out of bed and face the world. I look out the window and gasp, choke. Snow! *Insert primal scream here* Gah! I knew all that sunshine was too good to be true. In rainy Vancouver, it was sunny for 8 days in a row. I revelled in it, I sang, I laughed. Well, maybe I laughed too heartily and the wrath of the snow gods has come down upon my head. Haha, man I am over winter. Look how dramatic it makes me!

But of course, this blog is not about the weather. The upside of this chilly development is that I can go back to my winter wardrobe of cozy sweaters and knits and play a little longer. Since my camera was left behind at my man's parents' house last weekend, there will be no outfit pictures until next week, but I do have an inspiration photo to illustrate how I hope to dress when I go about my merry way this snowy Thursday.

I love the roomy coat (from Isabel Marant) over simple skinnies and smart wedge boots. It's a very simple look but the proportions are great and she looks stylish but still warm. I'll try my very best not to whine about the snow anymore. Instead I'll adopt a similar attitude to this girl, "Ouais, it's cold. But I look fabulous. What of it?"


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