Friday, September 26, 2008

The search is on, baby!

Once again, I am coveting an item I can't find anywhere! It's so bittersweet yet so fun to go tramping around, trying to locate this specific thing I want so much. I feel a bit like a detective, actually. In a frivolous sort of way, since I'm attempting to solve shoe mysteries rather than crime mysteries.

My latest obsession is a pair of high heeled, lace-up ankle boots. They must be black and they must not look like pointy witch boots. They must have a bit of chunkiness, but still be feminine. They must also be comfy. This is going to be difficult.

Of course, I can't have these boots, as they are gracing the feet of Agathe, formerly of Stylebytes. I think it was this picture that originally sparked my obsession last fall but I kind of forgot about them having given up the fruitless search last year. But not this year - this year I am determined!

These are from Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret. They're alright. They have the general feel I want, but as is fitting for a lingerie store, they're a bit too vampy. And also probably uncomfortable. Although I love the sturdy lacing, they're just not quite right.

These boots from Nine West are just about perfect. The heel isn't too high, they're rugged but still feminine; they might have a little too much going on but generally, they're cute. However, here's the rub - although we have Nine West in Canada, these boots are not available! Why?! They're also unavailable online. Quel misere! All is not lost though, my dears! I may be able to convince my boyfriend to drive me to a mall just over the border in the States. It'll only be an hour drive so he should be amenable. This may be my chance to get if not these boots, then the boots. God, this is getting to be a dramatic post...

And then there are these beauties. They are from Tod's and accordingly they are $665. I'm not wild about the patent and I'm definitely sickened by the price, but I bet they are so comfortable. Like walking on marshmallows or babies' bums. Except that last one would be cruel. And probably poopy. Sorry, I think I stayed up too late last night.

So this is where my search has brought me. Not much closer to my goal of fulfilling my obsession, but I have a few leads, a few facts to check... And I have a mission...



love the Colin Stuart's!

Snowshoe said...

i personally totally want the stuarts. i feel like i would be ripping off the blogosphere.. but when am I not ripping off the blogosphere? lol